2nd Rockbridge Artillery of Virginia CSA

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2nd Rockbridge Artillery Roster, 1861-1865


The history of this great nation was written in the blood of its strong men.”

Lt. Gen. James Longstreet






Of The

2nd Company

Rockbridge Artillery

July 10, 1861-April 9, 1865


“The Army of Northern Virginia was never defeated, it merely wore itself out whipping the enemy”

Lt. General Jubal Early


John Miller, Captain---July 10, 1861-May 1, 1862

John A.M. Lusk, Captain--May 1,1862-June, 1863 (Resigned)

William K. Donald, Captain--June, 1863-April, 1865..Wounded at Chancellorsville

Samuel Wallace, Lieutenant…Commanded the battery at Gettysburg…KIA at Petersburg, Virginia on April 2, 1865

J.C. Dickenson, Lieutenant

A.J. Hayslett, Lieutenant, Surgeon

Daniel Paxton, Lieutenant

William T. Wilson, Lieutenant… WIA at Chancellorsville, Va., 5/3/63...Commanded the battery at Appomattox


Alexander, William P.--PVT---WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Allen, James George---PVT

Allen, William R.--PVT--Died of Disease, Staunton, Va. 1861

Beard, Hugh S.---WIA at Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Barnett, Benjamin F.---PVT

Bartley, William J.---KIA at Gettysburg, Pa. 7/3/63

Bowman, John---SGT

Campbell, James A.--PVT

Campbell, Matthew B.---CPL

Campbell, Nimrod M.---CPL

Campbell, William A. Sr.---PVT

Campbell, William A. Jr.---PVT

Carver, Valentine--PVT---WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Cash, Braxton W.---PVT

Cash, James P.--PVT--WIA at Fredericksburg, Va. 12/13/62

Cash, James W.--PVT

Cash, John W.--PVT---Died of disease, Staunton, Va. 1861

Cash, Joseph--PVT---Died of disease, Staunton, Va. 1861

Cash, William. H.--PVT---WIA at Fredericksburg, Va. 12/13/62

Cash, William--PVT--Died of disease, Staunton, Va. 1861

Carver, Valentine---PVTWIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Cave, John--PVT

Chandler, William--PVT

Clemmer, William L.--CPL

Cline, DeWitt--PVT

Cochran, A.A.--PVT

Coffey, Marvel---PVT---Died of disease, Staunton, Va. 1861

Coffey, Peter .J.---CPL

Coffey, Robert--PVT---KIA at Bristoe Station, Va. 10/14/63

Coffey, William M.--PVT

Crist, William M.--PVT---WIA, Petersburg, Va. 4/2/65

Culton, James B.--PVT---Mortally wounded at Darbytown Road( Petersburg), Va. 10/14/64

Culton, Zachariah J.---SGT

Cupp, John Wesley----PVT

Decker, H.W.--PVT---WIA, 1862

Doyle, John F.---PVT---WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Drayton, John E.---PVT

Drawbond, J.L.---PVT---KIA

Drain, Lewis C.---Artificer

Durham, Eugene--PVT---Died of disease, 1864

Eakin, James M.--PVT

Ford, James P.---WIA, The Crater, Petersburg, Va. 7/30/64

Ford, John T.---KIA, The Crater Petersburg, Va., 7/30/64

Ford, William A.--CPL

Gaylor, Willliam--PVT---Mortally wounded at Cross Keys, Va. 6/8/62

Gisiner, J.T.D.--PVT

Goolsby, Cyrus---PVT---KIA at The Crater, Petersburg, Va. 7/30/64

Goolsby, James---PVT---Died of disease, 1861

Goolsby, Thomas---PVT

Goolsby, William C.---PVT

Gordon, Thomas--PVT--Died of disease, 1861

Green Benjamin F.---PVT

Griffin, Andrew J.---PVT---Mortally Wounded at Alleghany Mtn., W.Va. 12/12/61

Hamilton, George F.---PVT---WIA, Petersburg, Va. 4/2/65

Hamilton, Harvey---PVT

Hamilton, Henry---PVT

Hamilton, John J.--PVT---WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Hamilton, John F.---PVT

Hamilton, William Lewis---PVT--died of disease, Petersburg, Va. 1865

Heslep, Joseph S.---CPL

Heizer, Edward M.--PVT---Died of disease at Charlottesville, Va., June 1865

Hinty, William H.---CPL

Hite, John M.--PVT---WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Hite, Samuel--PVT---Died of disease, Staunton, Va. 1861

Hite, W. Nathaniel--PVT---Died of disease, Staunton, Va. 1861

Hite, William Paul---PVT

Holler, Jacob B.---PVT---WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Houchen, ___???---PVT---Mortally Wounded at Cross Keys, Va. 6/8/62

Hoylman, George---PVT---KIA at Gettysburg, Pa. 7/3/63

Hoylman, John B.---PVT

Hughes, Elijah M.---CPL

Hughes, Joseph Preston---PVT

Humphries, James H.---CPL

Jarvis, James E.---CPL

Jenkins, Churchville--PVT

Johnston, Robert W.--PVT---WIA, Petersburg, Va. July, 1864

Keffer, Henry---PVT

Kerr, Lorenzo Dow--PVT---WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Kerr, William D.--PVT

Lackey, Thomas---PVT

Lawhorn, Preston---PVT---KIA at Bristoe Station, Va. 10/14/63

Lawhorn, William---PVT---Died of disease, Staunton, Va. 1862

Leech, James G.--PVT

Leech, Lucien T.--PVT---WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Long, William M.--PVT

Lovegrove, William---PVT

Ludwick, John T.T.---PVT----KIA at Cross Keys, Va. 6/8/62

Lynn, John Calvin---PVT

Mann, John A.--PVT

Meeks, John P.---PVT

Miller, David L.---PVT

Miller, John---PVT

Miller, Richard S.---CPL---WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Miller, Samuel S.---PVT---died of disease, Gordonsville, Va. 1862

Moore Patrick---PVT

Moran, Nathaniel---PVT

McCormick, Thomas N.---SGT---KIA, The Crater, Petersburg, Va., 7/30/64

McCowan, James H.---PVT-----KIA at Alleghany Mtn, W.Va. 12/12/61

McCrory, Edward H.--PVT

McCory, William T.---PVT

McDowell, Thomas P.---PVT---Died of disease, Gordonsville, Va. 1862

McGuffin, Samuel R.---PVT

McGuffin, William W.---PVT

McManama, Thomas P.---PVT

McNutt, Robert---PVT---WIA, Spotsylvania, Va. May, 1864

O’Brien, Lafayette---PVT

Orenbaum, William---PVT---Died of disease, 1861

Ott, David A.---PVT---WIA, Strasburg, Va. 6/1/62

Painter, James H.--PVT

Patterson, John--PVT

Patterson, William A.---PVT

Patterson, William D.---CPL

Paul, A.J.---PVT

Paxton, James P.---SGT---Died while POW, 1863

Paxton, James T.---SGT---KIA at Petersburg, Va. 4/2/65

Paxton, John--CPL--Died of disease, Richmond, Va. 1862

Paxton, Samuel D.---CPL

Paxton, Thomas---PVT--WIA, Strasburg, Va., 6/1/62

Paxton, William H.--PVT---Mortally wounded at Strasburg, Va. 6/1/62

Pearl, John---PVT

Potter, Samuel---PVT

Pugh, James H.---PVT

Pugh, William---PVT

Ramsey, Dabney---PVT

Risk, James P.--PVT---Mortally wounded at Darbytown Road( Petersburg), Va. 10/14/64

Risk, John W.--PVT

Selvey, William H.---PVT

Shewey, Franklin--PVT

Shields, William O.---PVT

Shover, Franklin--PVT--KIA at Petersburg, Va. 4/2/65

Sloan, Cooke,---PVT-- WIA at Camp Alleghany, W. Va., 12/12/61...Died of Disease at Staunton, Va. 1862

Sly, Alfred E.---PVT

Sly, Adolphus---KIA at Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Smiley, John B.---PVT

Smiley, William A.---PVT

Sorrels, George---PVT

Sorrels, Joseph---PVT

Steele, James--PVT--Died while POW at Point Lookout, Md., April, 1865

Srtickler, Arch. W.---SGT---WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Taylor, George W.--PVT

Taylor, J. Edward---PVT

Taylor, Joseph---PVT

Templeton, Benjamin---Died of disease, Staunton, Va. 1861

Templeton, William P.---SGT-KIA at Cross Keys, Va. 6/8/62

Thorn, Job---PVT

Tribbett, Francis M.---PVT

Tribbett, Robert R.---PVT

Vess, Crossberry D.---PVT

Vess, Matthew---Artificer

Wallace, Allbright---PVT---WIA, Camp Alleghany, W.Va., 12/12/61

Wallace, Edwin---SGT

Wallace, John W.---PVT

White, George--PVT--KIA at Gettysburg, Pa. 7/3/63

White, Isaac M.---PVT

White, John--PVT---Died of disease, Richmond, Va. 1862

White, Robert--CPL--WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Whitesel, James W.---PVT

Whitesel, Zachariah W.---PVT

Wilson, E.M.---PVT

Wilson, John A---SGT

Wilson, Joseph M.---PVT

Wilson, Samuel W.----1st SGT

Wine, James A.---PVT

Wiseman, Elijah M.--PVT--WIA, Chancellorsville, Va. 5/3/63

Withers, Cyrus----PVT--Died of disease, Richmond, Va. 1862

Womeldorf, J.----PVT--Died of disease, 1861

Wood, George---PVT






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